Monday, July 13, 2009

Survey Results Show 3PLs Optimistic For Remainder Of 2009

In a survey conducted at the recent "Eyefortransport 7th 3PL Summit", more than 60 percent respondents said they believed that, from now to the end of 2009, the overall health of their company would be "better or much better". Just fewer than 30 percent said they expected their business to be the "same."

The survey, conducted by Transite Technology, was a random sample of the more than 300 attendees of the conference representing 3PLs, shippers, carriers, and vendors.

Some additional comments:
32 percent of respondents said they believed the health of today's U.S. economy was "better" than at the end of last year. 29 percent said that they felt it was the "same."

42 percent of respondents said that their overall business was currently performing "better or much better" than at the end of last year with 45 percent indicating that their current performance was the "same."
Of the 3PLs surveyed, 70 percent said that attracting new customers has been their top challenge over the last 12 months, followed by retaining existing customers and managing overall profitability.

Source of this article is from TIA Logistics Weekly


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