Thursday, October 29, 2009

"Green" Goes Mainstream - The Effect of the Environment on Everyday Products

Walmart has announced their worldwide sustainability index initiative. They want vendors to produce products that are more efficient, last longer, and are made in a responsible way - a.k.a. - GREEN.

Here is an excerpt from Walmart's Blog:

"We will provide our more than 100,000 global suppliers with a brief survey to evaluate their own companies’sustainability. The questions will focus on four areas: energy and climate; material efficiency; natural resources; and people and community. The survey is a key step toward enhancing transparency in our supply chain."

So what does this have to do with you?? If your company manufactures ANYTHING, chances are that Walmart's Sustainability Index will be a major boost to the trend to go GREEN.

Consumers are going to be demanding more responsible manufacturing processes and companies that recognize and adapt will more than likely gain a competitive advantage over companies that do not. The Product Carbon Footprint World Summit was held in September - of course, Walmart was present.

You can bet that Walmart will be having labels and promoting a major campaign on the topic of green products and manufacturing processes. With Walmart's lead, consumers are going to become increasingly aware of the need and demand for GREEN products.

Not only will the manufacturing process will be considered, but you may want to make sure that your transportation carriers have the Smartway Certification, which indicates that carriers have met requirements to promote a "greener" environment.

Click Here To view the Walmart Supplier Sustainability Assessment


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