Monday, April 19, 2010

CSA 2010 Basics

This post is the third in a series concerning CSA 2010 Basics. CSA 2010 is the new safety rating system by the FMCSA. There is a lot of concern over what will happen to shippers and carriers when this new system goes into full effect.

Today's post will discuss the effects on truck capacity as it relates to driver retention and driver recruitment. The information is gathered from FMCSA information.

What Happens if a Driver Incurs the Rating of "Unfit"?

If a driver receives the rating of "unfit", he will no longer be allowed to drive a commercial vehicle. The only thing that the driver can do is wait for some of his points to drop off in the 36 month "history" that will affect his driver score. At this point, most drivers would have to quit.

If a marginal driver is getting close, they CAN lower their overall score with a clean inspection.

The FMCSA has speculated that up to 175,000 current drivers would be declared "unfit" when CSA2010 goes into effect! This is going to put a strain on the current capacity of trucks on the road.

How Will CSA 2010 Affect Carriers Driver Recruitment Efforts?

Carriers will more than likely have a minimum safety rating requirement for hiring and firing drivers. This minimum rating could be mandated by their liability insurance companies. It is speculatated that insurance companies will require a minimum safety score or they will not insure the carriers. Should a driver fall below this minimum requirement, he/she would have to be terminated in order for the insurance company to continue insuring the carrier.

New drivers recruited would also have to follow the same guidelines in order to joing with a new carrier. The driver's safety record will need to be part of every carriers' background check.

Overall - it is anticipated from many sources that there will be a shift in capacity once CSA 2010 takes effect. This WILL affect carriers and shippers alike. The most like effect? Less trucks means higher rates to attract and maintain carriers.


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