Friday, July 16, 2010

CSA 2010 Training

CSA 2010 Training is becoming critical for carriers who have staff that don't understand the ramifications of this new safety program. It's not just the drivers, but dispatchers and planners need to understand the ins/outs of this new program.

CSA 2010 is all about reducing the fatality rate with large commercial vehicles such as busses and trucks. Even though the current mortality rate is the lowest since the DOT began keeping records, the FMCSA still believes that there is room for improvement.

CSA 2010 is the FMCSA's program to more efficiently monitor carriers and be able to "intervene" when carriers data points to an increased probability of an accident. Moving violations (warnings or tickets are weighed the same), overweight, driver logs, etc. are being scrutinized like never before. These records will become public information, which can severely hamper a carrier's ability to provide service to customers - especially when those customers will simply be able to review each carriers risk.

Picture: Schilli CSA Training in St. Louis. Pictured from left to right: Tom Schilli - CEO; Larry Shaw - Terminal Manager Shoals, IN; Joyce Schilli - WVT of Texas General Manager; Mike Zachary - Business Development Manager; Cindy Bull - Planner; John Simms - CSA Presenter/Trainer; Charles Cassity - Terminal Manager St. Joseph, MO.

So what does this have to do with dispatchers and planners??? Here's the real impact this new system is going to have on both carriers AND SHIPPERS..... driver's will NOT do things that will add a risk to their public driving record.

This is going to pose a problem as planners will need to be able to communicate to the customers that their "emergency load" will not be able to be delivered until the driver can legally start up his truck and drive 1,000 feet to the dock - he's out of hours. In the past, many drivers would simply go the extra mile when needed to accomodate a shipper's request. Drivers are not going to want to do this any longer, as if they get caught they will be penalized and so will the carrier. They simply can't afford to take the risk.

Hours of service is becoming the key buzz word at Schilli Transportation Services. No longer can planners and dispatchers simply give a load to a driver and tell them it needs to be delivered at 2:00 am. Driver hours must be considered and, at times, the customer service group must make that dreaded call to the customer "Our driver cannot legally make your delivery requirements". All carriers are faced with this issue which means all shippers are faced with this issue - whether they want to hear it or not.


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