Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Forecast Manufacturing - Where are We With Trucking Costs?

Forecast for Manufacturing - Will Truck Prices Continue to Rise?

According to a report from KPMG, the global forecast manufacturing outlook is "growth while managing volatility".

OK - so what does that mean??

Here's an exerpt from their recent whitepaper:

Despite a generally profitable year, many leaders of global manufacturing firms face a
number of challenges. Just as the global economy looked like it was gaining momentum, the Japanese tsunami struck, unravelling many global supply chains. Since then, volatility has become a key watchword, as a wide array of macroeconomic risks – most notably the European and US debt crises – raise uncertainty over future demand and the spectre of a “double dip” recession.

Yet executives at major manufacturers – organizations polled in an Economist
Intelligence Unit survey representing firms with at least US$1 billion in revenue – are cautiously optimistic that they can realign their businesses toward top-line growth while managing the multitude of cost challenges.

It appears that KPMG's survey is indicating that there is still some optimism in the global economy that manufacturing will continue it's upward trend.

Of course, as this relates to transportation costs, the more demand that is placed on a constant supply can, and probably will, put upwards pressure on prices.

Click here to download KPMG's report, "Global Manufacturing Outlook - Growth While Managing Volatility"