Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Trucking Capacity for 2012

Trucking Capacity Has Been Tightening, but Why?

Most transportation managers now understand that it is a different world today as compared to a year ago, when trucks were more plentiful. Have you had loads sitting waiting for a truck to appear for days??

Many transportation managers have felt this during 2011. So why has this been happening when all we hear about is the economy being sluggish?

The simple answer comes down to two words...... Driver Shortage. Many drivers are approaching retirement age and there don't seem to be enough new ones coming aboard. But is that all???

You'll want to listen to Jim Watson, the Driver Recruiting manager for Schilli Specialized, Wabash Valley Transportation and WVT of Texas. Jim has been with the trucking industry for numerous years and has one of the best handles on driver issues of anyone around.

Yes - CSA 2010 has helped to keep our roads safer. But it is costing transportation divisions a lot more money to get freight moved, as transportation providers are struggling to keep enough drivers moving their trucks.