Monday, June 3, 2013

Summertime Driver Tips

Dear Driver,

With the summer season in full swing, there are things that drivers need to be aware of in order to be prepared defensively. Summer is the peak time for tourist traffic. Schools are out, and that means kids of all ages are out there, either as drivers or pedestrians. Also, unpredictable summer weather patterns can lead to instantaneous changes in road conditions and unexpected hazards for drivers. Here are a few tips to help ensure safe summer driving:

Watch out for tourists - Whether you’re out on the open road or in a city or town, be prepared for an increased number of drivers who are uncertain of their surroundings. Their sudden strong moves in traffic could involve you in a preventable accident. Also, watch for drivers who suddenly slow down or stop to see something along the road. Signs indicating a nearby tourist attraction are a good indication of when this may happen.

Beat the heat - Hot summer temperatures are especially hard on your truck. Take proper care of your rig by:
..Frequently checking your tires for proper inflation... Strictly following company policy with regard to checking coolant and oil levels during your pretrip inspection.

.. Avoiding excessive speeds.
.. Keeping a close watch on your vehicle’s temperature gauge. Stop in a safe place as soon as possible if you detect any signs of overheating.

School’s out - Remember that with school out, more teen drivers will be out traveling to and from summertime activities, and they may not be as attentive to defensive driving as they should be. Also, in residential areas, you are more likely to encounter children playing in and around the streets. Please pay close attention when traveling in these areas.

By following these tips, you’ll be more prepared for summer driving conditions and, in turn, help make the roads safer for everyone.




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