Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Changing Of The Guard

Or as Lou says "The King is Dead!  Long Live the King!"

After 27 years of service, Lou Wilkinson, will be stepping down (his version of semi-retirement) from the VP/CIO position.

He will be embarking on a more creative role as Software Development Manager.

As of Friday, June 13, Nick Gorney will be promoted into the IT Services Manager position.  (And, no, he is not at all superstitious.)

All of us at Schilli wish the best of luck to both Lou and Nick in their new positions.

Tracy Morgan's crash is finally putting some media attention on an issue that truckers have been trying to raise for years.
Federal regulations now limit commercial drivers to 14-hour workdays stating that it would decrease the number of accidents due to driver fatigue. But the hourly ceiling removed the flexibility that commercial drivers once had if they needed to wait out traffic jams, bad weather or to pull over to rest for several hours, forcing many to max out their 14-hour windows.  Additionally, the tight scheduling from shippers stretch the demands for driver's time. 

To read the entire article from NBC News, click here.