Thursday, September 25, 2014

Schilli Transportation Improves Efficiency and Generates Cost Savings with ALK Maps

ALK Maps from ALK Technologies Saves Schilli Transportation an Average of 15 Minutes for Each Look-Up Performed

(PRWEB) September 09, 2014 -- ALK Technologies, Inc., a global leader in GeoLogistics® solutions and navigation software, today announced that Schilli Transportation has integrated ALK® Maps into their Driver Daily Events (DDE) driver management tool. The DDE system offers Schilli’s Driver Managers complete visibility into the scheduling, planning and operational activity of the fleet, including but not limited to work assignments, routes and inspection schedules.

With the integration of ALK Maps, Schilli’s Driver Managers are now able to easily visualize a selected driver’s current location and all assigned routes on an interactive map. Each route is uniquely color coded so a Driver Manager can quickly and easily analyze the route and assess opportunity to reduce dead miles. With ALK Maps, a user can visualize nearby fuel stops along the driver’s route and view up-to-date fuel pricing from Schilli’s partnership with the fuel providers. This enables the Driver Manager to pick the most cost-effective fuel stop location for a driver based on their current route and communicate the information to the driver. The enhanced mapping capabilities provided by ALK Maps have resulted in significant time savings for the Driver Managers.

“What used to be a manual cumbersome process of referring to a plotted map and using a free online mapping program for research has been completely automated with this new solution based around ALK Maps. This saves us an average of 15 minutes for each look-up that is performed. On average during the course of the day, each user is able to save almost two hours of time,” commented Peter Adams, Driver Manager at Schilli Transportation.

With the integration of ALK Maps, Driver Managers are also
now able to visualize adherence to the delivery schedule based on color coding of the trucks on the map, red indicating delays, yellow for warning, and green indicating on-time. With a simple hover over the truck icons, managers can access Hours of Service, current location, direction, speed and ETA for each driver along the route.

ALK Maps offers the transportation and logistics industry a fully customizable cloud-based interactive mapping platform providing high-quality map visualization with precise geocoding and routing functionality. The cloudbased solution helps reduce hardware, software and IT resource costs and easily integrates with a variety of platforms. ALK Maps routing and reporting is powered by PC*MILER®, the industry standard for transportation routing, mileage and mapping.

“We are really excited with how the integration of ALK Maps has helped us improve operational efficiency and save costs with optimizing planning, in such a short amount of time,” said Lou Wilkinson, VP of IT Solutions at Schilli Transportation. “The new capabilities that we have been able to offer with ALK Maps have gotten rave reviews from every single user of the application.”

 “ALK Maps provides a powerful platform for planning and monitoring with visualization of routes and tracking of assets. We are extremely pleased with how our transportation solutions are helping organizations of all sizes to optimize costs and expand their business.” said Dan Popkin, Senior Vice President of Enterprise Solutions at ALK Technologies.

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About Schilli Transportation Services:
Schilli Transportation Services is a full service logistics management company supported by 400 power units under contract to provide or fulfill transportation needs including equipment sales and leasing, warehousing and distribution, and transportation for everything from building products to household goods, from steel coils to automobiles, virtually any commodity. For more information, visit

About ALK Technologies:
ALK Technologies, a Trimble Company and global leader in GeoLogistics solutions and navigation software, is focused on developing innovative solutions for transportation, logistics, mobile workforces and consumers. Product lines include award-winning CoPilot, a leading source of GPS navigation software for fleets, mobile operators, hardware OEMs, systems integrators, professional drivers and consumers. ALK’s PC*MILER is widely recognized as the transportation industry standard for routing, mileage and mapping. ALK Maps is a development platform designed for the transportation industry and provides commercial routing, geocoding and mapping visualization for enterprise applications.

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