Friday, October 2, 2015

Schilli NationaLease Team at Detroit Diesel Headquarters

SNL Team at Detroit Diesel Headquarters

September 27 & 28, 2015

Managers with Schilli NationaLease were recently invited to spend a couple of days at Detroit Diesel in Detroit, MI. This valuable trip focused on key maintenance items, equipment specifications, parameter tuning, and covered all the tools necessary to provide a better and more reliable tractor to their customer base. This training was important in understanding all of the integrated systems of the equipment (Tractor / Engine / Transmission). SNL management is now developing many new training techniques to be relayed to their customer base at the Shop / Driver level to improve overall performance, reliability, and fuel economy. Everyone at SNL is extremely excited from this visit and look forward to incorporating these value added changes into our customer offering.

L – R: Allen Gill (Shop Manager, Kokomo); Scott Plencner (Regional/Shop Manager, South Bend); Greg Tarr Jr. (Lead Tech, Shoals); Jake Rudisill (GM – Remington); Jason Rush (Shop Manager, Indianapolis); Bill Pembleton (Master Tech, Indianapolis); Rick Allen (Shop Manager, Mt. Vernon); Dave Northcutt (Shop Manager, Remington); Tracy DuBois (Shop Manager, Savannah); Jeff Rickey (Master Tech, Remington); Josh Waterhouse (Shop Manager, Sperry); David Tracy (Shop Manager, Temple); Rich Burge (OTR Maintenance Manager, Remington); Matthew Jessip (Shop Manager, St. Joseph)


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