Thursday, August 17, 2017

Schilli Companies Join Daseke

Dear Schilli Company Team Members,

I am so very excited to announce that effective May 1, 2017 the Schilli Companies have joined forces with the Daseke family of carriers.

This is an exciting next chapter in the history of our company and one that holds many benefits for all of us. The decision to merge with Daseke was not taken lightly and was guided by my desire to continue the journey of excellence that we’ve been on for many years. By joining Daseke we have joined a unique and wonderful family of open deck specialized carriers. Together we can enhance our services and create opportunities for both our team members and the amazing collection of companies that we’re proud to call our customer. For you and your position within Schilli, all remains the same, including conditions of employment, pay and seniority.

The Daseke philosophy is to invest in great people, provide them with the resources they need to succeed, and then step back and let them run the business. As I’ve said on many occasions it is our team members that have allowed us to achieve the many successes we’ve had and I would never jeopardize our relationships. After a great deal of due diligence I assure you that our merger with Daseke is a great match and fulfills my commitment to provide growth opportunity to all.

Most importantly, our company’s leadership, management, and brand will remain the same with one exception. We are adding Lee Michaud as the President of the Transportation Companies. It will be business as usual except that we will be part of a focused team of sister companies who have a culture of collaboration. Like us, they are considered the best in the open deck specialized industry.

The Schilli Companies will continue to stand autonomously to best support our customers and team members. A merger with Daseke has never eliminated a position! In fact by merging, we are setting ourselves up for the potential for even faster growth.

Daseke Inc. is currently comprised of:
  • Smokey Point Distributing, based in Arlington, Washington (
  • E.W. Wylie Corporation, based in West Fargo, North Dakota (
  • J. Grady Randolph, based in Gaffney, South Carolina (
  • Central Oregon Truck Company, based in Redmond, Oregon (
  • Boyd Companies, based in Clayton, Alabama (
  • WTI Transport, based in Tuscaloosa, Alabama (
  • Lone Star Transportation, based in Fort Worth, Texas (
  • Bulldog Hiway Express, based in Charleston, South Carolina (
  • Hornady Transportation, based in Monroeville, Alabama (

These quality companies and the professional drivers behind the wheel are now our new brothers and sisters out on the road. I’m so excited about the future and the opportunities this merger creates as we collectively build North America’s premier open deck specialized carrier.

Our exciting journey continues stronger than ever.

Tom Schilli


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